Emetic Art Halloween 2022 Challenge Collection

$15.00 AUD - $200.00 AUD
Emetic Art Halloween 2022 Challenge Collection

A series of work created by Emetic Art as part of an online Halloween drawing challenge set for October 2022
Original Artworks by Emetic art inspired by daily prompts, created throughout October, in the lead up and celebration of Halloween.
A5 Prints on 300gsm satin poster paper. Colours and paper texture may vary between print runs. Item list images based on original drawings and not a representation of the final print. (Eggshell backgrounds added to each print, text names removed prior to print)

MADE TO ORDER- given the number of prints in this set, only a small number will remain on hand and your order may be printed after purchase, particularly if you order a complete set!
please allow an additional week or two for production. Feel free to email me with any questions!
[email protected]